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Get What You Give: Communication 911                              
Fri. June 23,   5:30 - 9:00pm

Are your needs being met? Do you keep wondering why you keep giving and giving and not getting anything in return? Are you plowing through each day and still feeling tired, frustrated and dare I say unhappy? This workshop will help you…


  • Understand what you need to give in order to get what you want

  • Effectively communicate so you can get your needs met

  • Squash frustrating situations before they happen

  • Redirect the flow of negativity


AND end each day on a positive note so you can wake up….happy 


The Great Balancing Act: Become the leader in your life       

Tue. July 18,   5:30 - 9:00pm

How much do you have to juggle on an average day? Work, family, school…and all the millions of multitasking details that go along with them… can quickly unbalance your life. In this workshop you will learn how to..



  • Slow down

  • Balance your life more effectively

  • Become more in sync with those around you

  • Stay focused before moving on to the next task

  • Feel what it’s like to be a leader

AND….Stop juggling everyone else’s crap.







Location: The IntraQuestrian Connection
                 3113 E.Walker Rd.
                 Bath, Pa.

Cost: $149/workshop

Feel free to call me for more info - Carolyn

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Carolyn Crew 610-392-4841 
Kim Kindred 484-903-1538