Equine Business Partnerships

If you’re looking to improve your equine-based business, ECHO can help! Because you love what you do, ECHO wants to expand your knowledge to help you make a living, doing what you love!
ECHO can help you connect corporate leaders, community organizations and individuals to the unique programs your facility offers and introduce them to the magnificent world of horses through our ECHO Experience program and equine assisted learning.
ECHO can help you:
● Generate income for your program
● Facilitate Equine Assisted Learning workshops
● Develop new strategies that will help you shift from teaching into facilitating
● Shift from skill development to relationship building and social skills
● Design EAL programs for specific audiences (corporate, schools, coaching, military) ● Utilize natural horsemanship as a gateway for EAL
● Create a positive and safe non-riding learning environment
● Enhance professional partnerships in the community
● Refresh your horse’s enthusiasm to partner with humans! 
This ground based approach taps into the natural and playful attributes of horses to help clients learn essential life skills, problem solving techniques, heightened awareness of their actions and the actions of others.  This learning opportunity will guide you through the process of incorporating this experiential approach into your current services.
EAL (equine assisted learning) can open the door for a whole new approach to your program. Learning to play with horses, can offer a refreshing change for your herd while providing your business with the ability to serve a more diverse population.  
Learn how to facilitate ground activities that can empower non-riding clients to discover their own strengths and talents utilizing experiential education, coaching and leadership development models.