What is Equine Assisted Learning?

  • Equine Assisted Learning is an opportunity for participants to partner with horses to facilitate the learning and growth process. Whether or not we are ready to hear it, horses reflect back to us exactly what we need to improve as leaders, communicators and team members. All horse related activities happen through ground work and does not involve horseback riding.

Why use horses as a modality for learning?

  • As prey animals, horses are constantly attuned to their environment. Their perception of their surroundings is an immediate and honest expression communicated through body language. This can be less offensive than being told by a human being because it is learned through self-discovery in interacting with an equine partner. Horses naturally test for leadership in order to ensure their leader is capable of guaranteeing their safety. Leaders are just, assertive, trustworthy, clear communicators, and preserve the dignity of their herd.

How does equine assisted learning translate into human relationships?

  • Equine assisted learning is directly transferable to humans because participants learn and practice skills. The skills learned are relational skills because life happens in relationship, whether those relationships are boss/employee, teacher/student, leader/group. It does not affect the value of the skill if it is initially learned from and practiced with horse partners and it is often easier to risk more of ourselves when we are not faced with the judgment of others.

Who can benefit from participating in an ECHO Experience?

  • Individuals, children, families, couples, sport teams, committees and boards of all kinds and corporations that are looking to improve communication, leadership and creativity can benefit from investing in an ECHO Experience workshop.

  • Workshops are targeted towards businesses, organizations, and groups interested in improving teamwork, developing trust and enhancing communication and leadership skills. Both ½ day and full day workshops are available.

Are the horses and staff specially trained?

  • All the horses used in the equine assisted learning program have been evaluated by ECHO and have a gentle and safe demeanor. The professional leading and facilitating the ECHO Program has been certified by E3A Association.

What is the format for each workshop?

  • Workshops open with general information on horses, and a safety demo to ensure a safe learning experience for all participants.

  • In each workshop, unmounted activities are tailored toward the area(s) of focus for the group participating. (i.e.: communication, teamwork, leadership)

  • Upon completion of an activity, the group processes the experience as well as outcome.


Do I need to have horse experience?

  • No. All of the activities are done on the ground, no riding or horse experience is necessary.

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