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Uncover your underlying pattern, beliefs and habits that cause you frustration

Identify the obstacles that prevent you from moving forward.

Develop a new mind set so you can stop feeling guilty about trying to be perfect

Learn to set boundaries and stop fighting with those you love

Communicate more effectively so you can manage your time and add hours back into your day.

Create more balance between work, home and family

Brigita M

It was an excellent opportunity to better myself and learn more about how I can become a better communicator and team player. I really valued the insightful suggestions from everyone.

Cynthia B

The ECHO experience was an eye opener, it really makes you think. I discovered that there are ways to figure out what seem to be impossible tasks. Carolyn and Kim were both terrific. I can’t wait to get my boss to schedule a workshop for our firm

McKenzie T

I learned more in this workshop than in a year's worth of traditional therapy.


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