The ECHO Experience

In the serene setting of a picturesque horse farm you will experience the gentle and playful nature of one of the most beautiful animals on earth- the horse.


Set in a beautiful, rural environment in the Lehigh Valley Pa., the ECHO Experience is for people from all walks of life who are wanting to make a change in their life or who simply want to develop their relationship and communication skills.


This program is also relevant for new and seasoned professionals who are interested in expanding their knowledge and skill of the self-development process─ in the company of horses. We create significant learning moments that are applicable and transferable to your professional and personal life.


ECHO workshops utilize horses as co-facilitators in the learning process. Horses provide something that no river or ropes course can - immediate feedback to your emotions and behaviors. All activities are conducted on the ground; no riding is done and no horse experience is needed.


You will run, laugh and play with the horses in specifically designed ground activities that focus on achieving specific goals while learning about the communication skills that are necessary to work in partnership.


Whether you are interested in improving your leadership skills, developing a more cohesive team through team building activities, or looking for a personal development workshop experiential learning with horses  has proven to be very effective in a variety of ways.


Our workshops provides a unique experiential learning environment that require the application of certain skills to help you: 


​● Grow your self-confidence

● Increase your communication

● Become a better leader

● Become a team player

● Overcome challenges and fears

● Increase your problem solving skills